Sick Visits

Sick Visits

Children, because of a variety of factors, including their still-developing immune systems, are more likely to get sick and do so more often than adults. It's why it's important to have somewhere to turn when they eventually get sick, the good news is that you can count on the same professionals who work so hard to keep them healthy. You can learn more about how sick visits are handled at your Brighton, CO, office by reaching out directly to your local experts at Premier Pediatrics.

What Are Sick Visits?

Sick visits are simply a special type of appointment you can make with your pediatrician's office when your child is feeling unwell. These typically aren't meant for emergency or urgent situations, these are often better handled by emergency services.

The goal of sick visits is to provide complete and rapid care to help your child feel better quickly and make sure that their symptoms are not related to a more serious health issue.

Unlike well-child visits, sick visits address and treat a specific problem. Well-child visits are routine checkups that can help prevent many illnesses and complications, and reduce the likelihood of emergencies and sick visits in general.

What To Expect

A sick visit is usually two parts, your provider will diagnose your child's condition and provide the appropriate treatment plan to help them feel better.

These visits often begin with an interview, your child's doctor will as you what symptoms your child has and when they first began. They may also ask you about your child's health history, if this is your first time in the office, and about any home treatments and over-the-counter medication you may have already tried.

A physical examination typically follows, which can include examining your child's breathing, temperature, and heartbeat, and checking for signs of infection.

Depending on what their pediatrician suspects they may also call for lab tests.

At the end of the visit your child's doctor can prescribe a medication, if needed, and provide you with instructions on how to follow up at home to help relieve your child's symptoms. They'll also inform you about possible complications and how to deal with them, and when to contact the office for further treatment.

Sick Visits in Brighton, CO

Sick visits are an important resource, and if you would like to schedule one you can make an appointment with the professionals at Premier Pediatrics in Brighton, CO, or Commerce City, CO by dialing (303) 655-1685.

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