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Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Medical team, consisting of six Pediatric Doctors at Premier Pediatrics in Brighton, and Commerce City, CO, is willing to schedule an appointment to talk with you about your child and Autism.

What Is Autism, and How Does It Affect Your Child?

Premier Pediatrics in Brighton, and Commerce City, CO, agrees that Autism is a disorder that can affect children developmentally and neurologically with varying degrees of severity.

ASD affects how a child learns, communicates, and interacts with other people and the space around them. Signs and symptoms can be present in children as early as two. Some general signs and symptoms of ASD are listed below. Keep in mind that not every child will have every symptom.

  • Little to no eye contact with others
  • Having difficulty in active conversation
  • Periods of intense, repetitive behavior
  • Any mild change in the child's schedule that causes upset with the child
  • Minimal activity or play with other children
  • ASD child has a hard time interpreting normal social cues
  • Inappropriate facial features for different levels of serious conversations
  • Can have hyper or hypo sensitivity to people, environmental changes, and objects around them, such as temperature, clothing, sounds, and lights

There are differing opinions on what causes ASD. Studies suggest that the combination of a person's environment and the child's genetic material causes permanent developmental changes in that child.

It is the likelihood of having ASD in certain situations, such as siblings with diagnosed ASD, middle-aged parents, low birth weight, and certain genetic conditions like Fragile X or Down syndrome.

Immunizations given for a child's health do not cause ASD. Studies have shown zero correlation between immunizations and the cause of ASD.

The diagnosis and treatment options for Autism can take time. Scheduling regular wellness visits to the pediatrician can chart a child's developmental milestones and show any developmental delays.

Wellness visits are especially vital to your child's health between the ages of 18- 24 months for the diagnosis of ASD. If there are moderate developmental delays in a child's life, more specific testing can be performed to ensure a correct diagnosis.

This testing team can involve specialists such as occupational therapists, adolescent psychologists, and speech therapists. Tests can be extensive and multitiered.

A child will undergo an assessment of their neurological functioning, behavioral observation, and reviews of language and cognitive abilities. This assessment may include additional testing such as Hearing tests or Blood tests. 

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