Early Childhood Development Assessments: FAQs

Early Childhood Development Assessments: FAQs

Childhood development refers to all the different ways in which your children grow and development assessments by your Brighton, CO, pediatrician Premier Pediatrics can help make sure they are on track with what experts typically expect. Some of the most commonly asked questions regarding early childhood development assessments are answered below, but to learn much more you can contact your local professionals.

What Is Childhood Development?

At every stage of a child's development, and at specific ages, there are certain milestones that experts expect children to meet.

What Are These Milestones?

Milestones aren't simply a measure of your child's physical growth but also include how they develop mentally, socially, and emotionally. When children don't meet these milestones, which are usually examined during early childhood development assessments, then their pediatrician can recommend further examination to determine if developmental delays could be a factor.

Why are Developmental Assessments Important?

Developmental delays are quite common, manifesting in about one in six children. Being able to recognize them at an early age can help your child's doctor intervene just as early to help assure their success in school and at home, and to help them communicate.

What Are Developmental Delays?

When speaking about developmental delays, can refer to any delay that can affect a child's cognitive, communication, social, and fine motor skills, along with speech and language.

How Are Developmental Delays Treated?

Although there is no direct cure for developmental delays, your child's pediatrician can guide you toward a variety of treatment options that can help improve your child's overall quality of life. Different therapies can help and these include, behavioral therapy, occupational therapy, special education, speech and language therapy, and physical therapy.

Child Development Assessments in Brighton, CO

To explore the benefits of child development assessments in Brighton, or Commerce City, CO, with your local team at Premier Pediatrics, you can schedule a consultation by dialing (303) 655-1685.

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