What Are Sick Visits?

Six excellent, experienced, skilled, board-certified pediatric doctors head up Premier Pediatrics in Brighton and Commerce City, CO, and see young patients daily for sick visits. 

We advocate a close parent-doctor-child relationship and open communication and the need for everyone to be on the same page with their child's health and wellness goals. We believe in ongoing education of doctors, staff, and parents, so they can make informed medical decisions about their children.

Our doctors have a wide range of expertise, including a special interest in newborn care, breastfeeding support, adolescent care, children with special health care needs, autism, ADHD, growth and development milestone monitoring, teenage behavior, eczema, asthma, and special neonatal care.

Our doctors want to discuss one of our most important services: sick visits. However, to describe them, we must ensure our parents understand the differences between wellness and sick visits.  

A Bit About Routine Well Visits

This scheduled appointment with our doctor is made beforehand. The purpose of this visit is to check up on your child's growth and development from newborn to adolescence and to ensure that your child remains safe and healthy through preventative healthcare, meeting with our doctor at least yearly from three to 21. Our doctor may include many things in each milestone wellness appointment, but the following are the basics.

  • Physical Exam
  • Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Heart and Lung Sounds, Ear Checks
  • Review immunization records and administer the proper vaccinations
  • Hearing and Vision Screenings

Sick Visits

Suppose your child experiences a health problem, illness, problem managing a chronic condition, medication problems, or injury and needs medical attention. It is difficult to take your child to a strange doctor rather than their doctor at Premier Pediatrics in Brighton and Commerce City, CO. Calling us and scheduling a same-day sick visit with our doctor is best because they know who we are and that we want to help them.   

Some things people schedule sick visits for include:

  • Flu, Strep Throat, Ear Infection, Respiratory Infection exam
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ADHD Management
  • Non-emergency injury
  • Lab Draws
  • X-Rays, Imaging
  • Recommendations to a specialist 

Are you looking for an astonishing group of experienced pediatric doctors? 

Please call 303-655-1685 to schedule your child's appointment with any of our six amazing pediatric doctors at our office locations in Brighton or Commerce City, CO. Remember; we are here when your child becomes ill and needs a same-day sick appointment. We provide an extensive list of pediatric services for our parents and their children.

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