Milestones in Early Childhood Development

Monitoring Children's Milestones in Brighton, Colorado

Brighton, CO, is home to Premier Pediatrics and our six amazing board-certified pediatric doctors who see children daily to monitor healthy child development. We have an array of multiple services.

Our doctors believe in well-child visits to monitor your child's growth and development at each milestone check. Milestone checks enable us to identify health problems early so treatment can start as soon as possible.

Explaining Early Childhood Milestones

Our doctors see your child soon after birth to examine your baby and start the child's immunization schedule. However, if your child comes to us at any age, we can catch them up if they are behind on checkups and vaccinations. Premier Pediatrics in Brighton, CO, explains that child development milestones are the behaviors that mark stages of typical growth. Children all develop at their own pace. However, most children pass through specific changes at approximately the same age.

In your child's first year, they should smile intentionally and sit without support. They learn to wave and move objects from one hand to the other. A child learns to crawl but also takes their first steps.

As your child ages, they begin to put names to faces and name body parts. Vocabulary grows from a few words to simple sentences. The child starts identifying colors and shapes, memorizing songs, and telling stories.
Developmental stages consist of five stages. The early stages are these first three.

Birth to 18 months: identifies people, uses eating utensils, speaks simple words, and walks

18 months to 3 years: interacts with other children, follows simple directives, places names to people, runs, plays simple games

3 to 5 years: voice preferences, count, identify colors, memorize, play with friends.

We look at most skills met in groups of children of the same age, and if your child has not mastered specific skills that other children have at their age, it alerts us that we need to take a deeper look at your child's growth and development.

This measurement tool helps our doctor uncover possible delays in development and allows us to monitor potential issues in problem-solving, communication, social interactions, speech, language, and finer motor skills, keeping in mind that all children are different.

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These milestone checkups are part of our illness prevention program. Monitoring your child's growth and development enables us to catch possible physical and mental problems early so we can start treatment as soon as possible.  

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