Newborn Developmental Milestones: What To Expect in the First Year

As you welcome your newborn to the world, there are many different milestones that they’ll start to achieve. You get to watch your child develop and grow and it’s important that you know when certain milestones might be achieved. Your pediatricians at Premier Pediatrics in Brighton, CO, can explain newborn care and what to expect in the first year of your child’s life.

Developmental Milestones in Your Child’s First Year

As your child starts to grow and develop, it can be exciting to see them hit their milestones. It’s important to have an understanding of when these milestones might happen and what they are. Development in the first few months will be minor with smiles and laughs, and eventually develop into walking and talking! Your pediatrician in Brighton, CO, can help you with newborn care and explain the loose timeline that you can expect.

It’s always important to remember that every child develops differently, so there isn’t an exact time that each milestone will happen. Your child might develop faster or slower than other babies.

In the first few months, you can expect your child to have their first smile and their first laughs. This can be exciting, and you’ll be able to start playing with your child. They’ll also start to focus on certain objects and watch them move from side to side. They’ll also start to hold their head up and even start to push up to their elbows.

Within the first year, you can expect that your child will start to recognize your face and will respond to their name. They’ll start to make different sounds and even start to babble and try to speak. They can also start pulling up to stand and start crawling around.

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