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Understanding Childhood Behavioral Disorders

Often, children may act out against their parents or struggle with their emotions. Sometimes, this is just a phase that your child is going through that can cause them to Read More

Preparing for a Well-Child Visit

When your child is sick, you may often wonder what you could have done to help prevent a sickness. This could also be true if your child has overall issues Read More

Signs Your Child Could Have ADHD

While there are certainly moments when kids seem like they have a ton of energy, don’t want to sit still or don’t always listen to what we say, there are Read More

ER or Urgent Care?

When do I go to Children's Hospital Emergency Department and when is an urgent care enough? This is a question frequently asked by our patients and parents. If you feel Read More

Acne: Make it go away!

Many teens and young adults suffer from acne.  This is due to hormonal changes that increase oil production in the skin leading to blockage of hair follicles.  In research studies, Read More

Is it too late to receive the influenza vaccine?

This has been an unusual year for influenza with a very late start (we are just now seeing a ramp up in influenza). It is not too late to receive Read More


Reading has been shown to impact children’s speech, language development, and reading  comprehension skills.  Start reading to your children right after they are born and try to find 5-10  minutes to read Read More

Terrible Twos

The “Terrible Twos” often last well into the “threes,” or third year of life.  Dealing with a defiant  toddler can be difficult.  Make sure to choose your battles and be consistent. Read More

Crib Safety

Being a new parent is overwhelming and exhausting!  Make sure that when you lie your infant down that you ALWAYS put them on their back.  There should not be pillows, Read More

Influenza Protection

Influenza is a sometimes serious but often preventable illness.  It is recommended that children and adolescents of all ages receive the influenza vaccine.  Vaccine supply this year has been sluggish, Read More


Bullying is common throughout childhood.  Be sure to talk to your kids about the harm of using words and actions against others and keep an open dialogue to help encourage Read More

Talk to your teen

Be sure to talk with your teenagers about the risks of substance abuse.  Cigarette and alcohol use among high school students is decreasing, but use of marijuana is increasing.  In Read More

I see that tooth!

Dental hygiene is tied to overall health and should begin with the eruption of the first tooth.  We now recommend using a small smear of fluoridated toothpaste and brushing 1-2 Read More

Is my child keeping up?

Children's development can vary, however, if you have concerns that your child is delayed, be sure to bring this up with your pediatrician.  Studies show that when parents have concerns about Read More

Healthy Snacks While on the Go

Make eating on-the-go healthier and easier by packing lunches and snacks that your whole family can enjoy.  Package single size servings in rubber containers or baggies for an easy-to-grab snack Read More

Avoid the Bite

Avoid biting insects and painful, itchy bites by using insect repellant when outdoors.  Repellant with DEET is safe to use in kids who are older than 2 months, and the Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 22 posts


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